We at Bitcot aim to provide innovative end-to-end technologies to our customers with creative design and ease of use. DonateRed is another one of our products which strives to serve the novel purpose of matching the problem of supply vs demand at times of urgent blood requirement.

DonateRed is a complete platform with Web\Mobile apps, for any donation organization that can be used for connecting with those in need of blood or any donation to those who are able to donate it. Using DonateRed platform, organizations can use the power of social media to increase the reach of their blood donation campaigns. Individuals can sign up to ask for urgent requests in case of emergencies and get immediate assistance from donors online. We are looking for organizations that are willing to take this platform and use this for a cause.

DonateRed is built on a scalable architecture using Object platform, Ruby on Rails, Mongo and Elastic Search. Please reach out to info@bitcot.com for more information on the platform.